Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crazy weekdays lead to crazy weekends

So last week I was a baking fool I made peanut butter brownies, chocolate marshmallow cookies, chocolate covered oeros, chocolate covered marshmallows, halloween oreo bark and my 1st attempt at rolled sugar cookies.

I think the peanut butter brownies were my favorite to make out of everything though. I mean how could they not be? With the combination of peanut butter, brown sugar, reeses peanut butter cups and chocolate chips (can I just take a minute to drool please, lol). It was a definate temptation, but they weren't for me, they were for an actual paying customer (YAY!).

So after the peanut butter brownies I'd have to say that the chocolate covered oreos were my rfavorite to make. 

All you need is your favorite melting chocolate, I use the wiltons melting chocolates, and oreos. Make sure you have either wax paper or parchment to let the oreos sit on after you's coated them.  Mkae sure you get them coated well in the chocolate them tap off the excess chocolate. I usually use a fork when dipping and tap it on the side of the bowl.

For the Oreo bark you are going to use the same materials just in a different order. Get yourself a pan, line it with wax paper. crush up a handful of oreos and melt yourself some chocolate. Pour the chocolate over the oreos and mix around with a fork, making sure the cookies pieces are coated in chocolate. Refridgerate for about an hour. Then cut and serve or package.


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